Team Heartosaurus

Are you a Heartosaurus?

Heartosaurus: noun [heart-o-sau-rus] 1. An inspiring online reference for open heart surgery patients. 2. A heart patient with an inextinguishable desire not merely to survive, but to live life to its fullest. 3. A doctor, caregiver, or anyone who makes a profound difference to the cause.

Team Heartosaurus is a global network of individuals collectively driven to increase awareness of the many aspects of heart disease, and who embody a "live life to it's fullest" attitude. We are fighters, and pillars of strength. We are always looking for patients, doctors, family members and others who share this common bond, to join the team.

Some team members compete in runs. triathlons, cycling, and marathons, and other's simply sport the iconic jerseys as a sign of their belonging. You don't have to be an athlete to be on the team, you just need to be a Heartosaurus.

Athletes order your Jersey here.

Other Heartosauruses order sweatshirts, mugs, hats, bumper stickers, gifts and more here.

Check out the Team Calendar and come join us at one of the events!

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