Scar Cream that Really Works

I was nervous that my scar from open heart surgery was going to be tremendous. I felt that a thick red scar on my sternum was inevitable after a surgery so extensive. It's been about 9 months since my surgery and my scar has nearly disappeared. It has morphed into a thin white line and there is a tiny bit of redness at the top and bottom, but I'm confident that the redness will be gone soon too. I attribute this to a number of things including having a great surgeon, using Mederma scar cream religiously twice a day from the week after surgery to the present, and keeping a thick line of sunblock and zinc on it during the summer. I am a research-a-holic and I looked in depth into what was out there for scar creams. As far as I am concerned Mederma is the only scar cream out there that really works.

Mederma is the first topical gel formulated to help scars appear softer and smoother. Made from a special botanical extract and other safe ingredients, it is greaseless, pleasant smelling, convenient, easy to use and affordable. Mederma helps fade all types of scars - surgical, injuries, burns, stretch marks and even acne scars.

Beware: there are many sites selling "knock-off" Mederma cream. The retail price of authentic Mederma cream is $30.52 for the 50g size. Don't waste your money on the smaller tube as it is not economical. Click on the image below and buy your supply from Dermstore, founded by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Craig Kraffert. That's where I buy mine because it's cheaper than retail, and you can be assured that it's authentic.

Mederma (50 Gram Tube) (50 )