Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Zeddie Watkins Little will run the 2012 ING NYC Marathon for the John Ritter Foundation Charity

Congratulations to The John Ritter Foundation for appointing Zeddie Little as their mascot for the 2012 NYC Marathon. The media attention is great for increasing awareness of Heart Disease.

A year after having open heart surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm (the same condition that killed John Ritter), I ran the NYC Marathon in memory of John. It was also a chance for me to honor my surgeon. I wrote a book about the life changing experience called "Barefoot in November". It's available on Amazon.comJohn's wife Amy Yasbeck "...recommends this touching and inspiring book to everyone...".

Benjamin in 1994
The Author Today
I didn't gain overnight notoriety running for John in 2010, and I haven't stirred a media frenzy like Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Zeddie Watkins Little (let's face it I've lost my youth, I just turned 40 hahaha maybe in the 90's, but I'm a Dad now!), but I've worked hard to increase awareness, touch lives, and inspire people. I also created a "club like" association for people like myself fighting heart disease. Team Heartosaurus is a unique strata of people who are heart patients, doctors, nurses, and relatives of them who share the common bond of strength, compassion, and search for excellence. Over the past year I've received numerous letters from people all over the world sharing their stories, and pledging their dedication to the team and to the cause. I'll be sharing more of these emotional letters on Heartosaurus.com in the days leading up to the NYC Marathon.
It's been rewarding to connect with so many people of the broken heart club. Keeping these relationships going, fielding letters from anxious patients and relatives, and encouraging people to live life to it's fullest has become an important part of my life. My 33 year old brother Justin was recently added to the Heart Transplant list at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. I also have family and friends who have died from a wide range of heart diseases, so this year I am again competing in a number of races including the Great Cow Harbor 10k, The Nashville Country Music Half-Marathon, and the Rhode Island Half-Marathon. The goal is to continue raising awareness, connect with other heart patients, and doctors, and inspire.

Team Heartosaurus and I will also be running the 2012 ING NYC Marathon for the American Heart Association. All funds raised will be donated to the AHA. 

The American Heart Association's mission is to help people build healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. The organization has a significant social component giving heart patients, doctors, and families across the country a chance to interact through clubs, galas, dinners, and speaking engagements. Due to the tremendous dedication of it's members, AHA has the muscle to get things done and increase awareness.
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