50/50 Doctors, Angels, Demons, and an Exploded Reality

When was your reality exploded? Whether you were diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm, had a dissection, heart attack, or someone close to you was: Do you remember when the world metaphorically closed in on you and faded to black?

How was the doctor who diagnosed you, and the ones that you dealt with during those dark days that followed? Were you treated with kindness? Respect? Tolerance? Or were they blunt, condescending, and detached? Have you ever seen the movie 50/50? It's about a cancer patient diagnosed with a malignant tumor. The scene where the man is diagnosed is a perfect example of an apathetic doctor, and throughout the movie most of his interactions with medical personnel are poor. In spite of this it ended up being a great movie, and it brought me back to my own moment of "exploded reality".....back to that moment when I was told I had an aortic aneurysm..........when voices went muffled.......when the world stopped and shrunk to only what was going on in my head. The days that followed were dark and tumultuous. There were Angels and Demons. 

In the movie 50/50 one of the man's Demons is his live in girlfriend who cheats on him and ditches him right in the middle of his chemo treatments. She leaves him heartbroken and alone. His Angel ends up being his buddy who distracts him, forces him to get out, makes him laugh, and sticks by his side. 

I was fortunate to have doctors that were not only leaders in their field, but who exuded genuine compassion and concern. They turned out to be incredible individuals, one of whom became a close friend. During my journey there were a few Demons; a best friend who wasn't there for me, financial stress, and a complication in recovery, but my Angel(my wife Nicole) helped me heal and gain strength. She gave me a hard time when I needed it, managed my medical care, made me laugh, kept me busy, nursed me during recovery; and most importantly she tried to keep things as normal as possible around me when I felt like I was crumbling inside.


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