After The Storm

A little over 4 months ago I had my open heart surgery by Dr Alan Stewart at New York-Presbyterian Hospital,NYC . After being in the hospital for 11 days we came home & I could barely make it from the car across the front deck & up a few stairs to our living room. I never felt so weak & helpless, I couldn't play guitar & that was depressing.

With the help of so many Dr's , family & friends as well as Heartosaurus and the Cardiac Rehab program (3 x's @ week) at Catskill Regional Hospital (and at home) I can say that I'm really on my way back.. to better then I ever was. All the hard work I have done has really paid off.

My wife Pam & I are going back up to the Adirondack Mts of NY in early October to do some hiking & light mountain climbing as we have done in the past years. Faith ,hope , strength , love & courage has gotten me through. For all that have gone through the surgery or going to go thru it......hang in there & reach out for the's there for you just grab onto it. Thanks everyone.

Don Howard Krantz


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