"A Naughty thing called Life" by Papa Spyk

My London based friend and fellow Heartosaurus Edouard Gheur, a.k.a. "Papa Spyk", has just published his book A Naughty Thing Called Life. He is a former professional rugby player and model who suffered a severe aortic dissection, dropping him onto his kitchen floor and into the dark side.

The story is colorful, raw, emotional, and uplifting. You feel for this guy as you read, and like my own book, it is clear that Spyk set out to write more than a rundown of his health condition and near death experience. This is a book that appeals to the masses and has a message that is veiled in a multitude of captivating themes. There are volatile issues and characters that guide you through a turbulent tale of professional sports, Hollywood, modeling, romance, birth, friendship and heartbreak.

You can purchase the book on Xilibris or his website.


Papa Spyk said...

Thank you so much for doing this for me Benjamin and my book is now out and available worldwide on amazon.com

Papa Spyk

Benjamin J. Carey said...

The book is also now available on Amazon.com!

Kevin Morgan said...

Read preview, just downloaded to my Nook, and I really like the guys name (pen name?). I'll read and report. I am still advertising your book, Benjamin, as I think it is well worth reading, especially for younger fit people who think that they are indestructable, and for older people facing health challenges. Thanks for the info.
-k @FitOldDog

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