Heartosaurus Kevin T. Morgan Completes the Lake Placid Ironman

You have good days and bad days, and it is never a good idea to force the bad days. Enjoy them all, I say.  -Kevin T. Morgan

Congratulations to contributor Kevin T. Morgan. He is the first person to finish an Ironman with an aortic aneurysm stent graft....[more]

Heartosaurus: noun [heart-o-sau-rus] 1. An inspiring online reference for open heart surgery patients. 2. A heart patient with an inextinguishable desire not merely to survive, but to live life to its fullest. 3. A doctor, caregiver, or anyone who makes a profound difference to the cause.

Are you a Heartosaurus?


Kevin Morgan said...

Hi Benjamin,
I only just found this one, which was very nice of you. I like all the kind words. Right now I am swamped with getting my first product ready, as my last paycheck will be on September 23rd. This is a symbolic date as I have been saving for the end of that career (notice that I don't say retirement, which is a silly idea), but I want to have lots of fun, and some of the things I want to do need $$, so I am very focused right now. Will right new post soon (cogitating a subject right now). You seem to be moving along nicely. I'm off to my Nook to buy that book your recommended, as I really like the title.
-k @FitOldDog

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