Edouard Gheur, aka "Papa Spyk" is a Heartosaurus

What I've enjoyed most about running Heartosaurus is the many emails, new friends, and stories that I've been privileged to hear. Heartosaurus has become a camaraderie of Heart patients, driven to increase awareness, help others, hold the medical community to a higher standard, and to prove that there is always enjoyment to find in life no matter what the circumstances.

Spyk Gheur aka "Papa Spyk" is a Heartosaurus. His story like other Heartosauruses is one of overcoming tragedy, and finding a way to keep going even in the darkest moments. There is something inside of a Heartosaurus that keeps pushing on, even when the lights dim on life.

Like me, Papa Spyk has written a book about his journey and like my book "Barefoot in November", his book "A Naughty thing Called Life" is captivating. It's not a depressing old story about the trials and tribulations of someone facing death, and it doesn't read like a medical manual. It's a thrilling story with ups, downs, and living on the edge. If you're a heart patient you'll identify and love the book, but you will enjoy it even if you're not because it is a damn good novel with entertaining content.

Papa Spyk is quite the character, and I urge you to check out his book which will be released publicly soon.


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