Coping with your Open Heart Surgery, Diagnosis, and Recovery

You know the game plan, but you're nervous and not sure what to expect. is the pep talk in the locker room before the game.

You've been diagnosed with a heart condition and you're shell shocked. You've done the research or are in the process and in all likelihood you are going to need heart surgery. Now what? You know what to expect clinically, but where can you find information to answer all the other crazy questions running through your head? What is going to get you in the right mindset for this challenge? You need to become a Heartosaurus!

There are dozens of medical sites out there which explain various heart conditions in detail and the procedures associated to correct them. It is a blessing to have this information at our disposal. is your compliment to all of that info. It's all of the moments in between. It's filling in the gaps: Doctors, Feelings, Myths, Stories, Mistakes, Opinions, Family, Victories, Secrets, Defeats, and Reality. It's time to meet this challenge, get through the open heart surgery, and get on with the living!

Are you a Heartosaurus?


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