"Barefoot in November" Proceeds Donated to Charities and Heart Affiliates.

Sales stats for Barefoot in November broke the 100 copies sold threshold a couple weeks after publication and continue to grow by word of mouth and new reviews. One of the most rewarding things as an author has been to see the diverse range of people that have bought and enjoyed the book. These are of course heart patients and their families; but the surprising ones are the doctors and general readers who bought the book simply for reading pleasure. The reviews, and emails coming in are really flattering. A couple readers wrote me that they had started a running program, another wrote me two days before going in for aortic surgery to thank me for the book, and one reviewer went so far as to compare my writing style to that of Tim Ferris (one of the biggest compliments yet). It's interesting to hear which aspects of the book people found the most humorous, most touching, etc., and how they were affected by it. I recently took a gamble and gave the book to a few people I know are of a conservative mindset to test its true mettle. I was very pleased to hear that they loved the book despite some of the crude dialogue and raw metaphors. This is a book intended to have no filters. It is 100% naked emotion. It is not meant to read like a proper medical manual or give depths of clinical information. There are plenty of great places out there to find that kind of information, some of which are listed on this site. The book was intended to strike deep; to delve into the primal emotions of getting knocked down and fighting to get back on your feet.

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