Play your Heart Out+

Last night people across the country watched Barbara Walters' heart special: "A Matter of Life and Death" and saw first hand what it's like to live through an open heart surgery.  To most people it's just another common surgery that's been done for years, with a pretty good success rate.  When you've gone through it though yourself or have been at the bedside of someone you love; it becomes bigger than anything you've ever experienced in your life.

A choice can be made afterward to "play your heart out" in this game of life; or settle in and count down the rest of your days.  David Letterman, Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Regis Philbin, Charlie Rose, and Barbara Walters all spoke of having an epiphany after their surgery.  They spoke of being emotionally overwhelmed, blown away by the technological miracle of the surgery itself, and of seizing the second chance to appreciate life and chase what matters to them.

The Doctors, Nurses, and Staff at New York-Presbyterian Hospital are not only saving lives; they're inspiring patients to live life to it's fullest.  Patients are starting new hobbies, getting married, climbing mountains, skydiving, starting new careers, or simply spending more time with people they love.  In the case below three of us decided running a marathon would be symbolic.


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