My Medical Team - Thank You

Thanks to Dr. Mark Singer of North Shore Medical Group in Huntington, NY.  He's my primary doctor who after a routine physical;  decided to send me for the stress test which found my aortic aneurysm.  Without his preventative, progressive, and thorough approach to everything, I would not be here to talk about this.  This man is a great doctor, and he practices modern medicine.  He's passionate about what he does and it saved my life.

Thanks to Dr. Kenneth Walsh of North Shore Medical Group in Huntington, NY.  He is the Cardiologist that discovered my ascending aortic aneurysm in a stress test.  He is extremely brilliant, thorough; and kept on me about looking into surgery when I was in complete denial and wanted to hear nothing about it.  He's also been very proactive in my days after surgery, not leaving anything to chance.  This is a man who checks, double checks, and triple checks.  I am very grateful to him, and his team at the Cardiology office is the most friendly practice I've been to.  From the admins to the nurses, everyone in the office treats you like you're a member of their extended family.  It's a rare thing to experience these days in a medical office, and they have treated my family and I wonderfully.

Thanks to Dr. Allan Stewart of Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.  This is the only man I felt had a good solution and procedure for my condition.  He is brilliant, articulate, sharp as a hawk, and has the presence of an all-star quarterback.  He's candid, and cocky, and justifiably so.  This was the man I wanted operating on me, and I knew it moments after we met and discussed my condition.  He is in an elite class of surgeons, and if you have to have open heart surgery this is the guy you want doing it.  Besides all of his medical expertise, he happens to be one of the most down to earth doctors I've ever met.  He always has time for you, answers all of your questions; and he has a confidence that puts you at ease.  His "valve-sparing" procedure is an art form that he has expertly crafted and made more sense to me than any of the other procedures that I read about to correct my aneurysm.


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