Training Update

17 Days to go to NYC Marathon.  It's crunch time and these last days have been tough.  My calf injury has been slow to heal, and It's been increasingly difficult for Nicole and I to find time to run.  It's not easy trying to find someone everyday to watch the kids for an hour so we can get a run in so we've been squeezing them in whenever time permits.  Our mileage base is nowhere near where we wanted it to be this late in October, but what can you do?  Pace wise I've been able to easily bang out sub 8 minute miles on training runs, but the real question is how will I feel over the course of 26.2 miles, especially going into the final 10 miles of the marathon.  Nicole has been cracking me up because she keeps telling me we need to "get those gel packets" as if those carbohydrate squeeze packs are going to solve our lack of a distance base.  I love her, but I think a bottle of vodka would be more efficient. 

I'm starting to get a little melancholy as we get closer to the day I had my surgery last year (November 2nd).  The change in season reminds me of what I was going through last year and the memories are all coming back.  Nicole tells me that I've been unwittingly spending time in the chair in front of the fireplace where I spent most of my recovery after heart surgery.  Coincidentally, I also took a nap with my two boys last weekend in the montauk room where I slept after surgery.  I'm not depressed, I have too much going on for that; but I can definitely feel a heaviness.  This was a real tough time for me last year.

This Friday I'm seeing my surgeon Dr. Stewart and my cardiologist Dr. Walsh to get final checkups for the marathon.  Dr. Stewart is going to do an echo to check my heart muscle and valve integrity, and Dr. Walsh is also going to examine me.  I'm anxious about both appointments.


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