Oyster Fest - Town of Oyster Bay 5k

We're looking at doing another fun race before the NYC Marathon; the Town of Oyster Bay / Oyster Fest. 5k.  A very short race comparable to the Marathon, but perfect as we enter the "taper" phase of our training.  Like the "Great Cow Harbor" race that we did a week ago, the Oyster Fest 5k is also in a North Shore harbor town and surrounded by a carnival, craft fair, and other festivities.  In addition to giving awards for traditional age groups, something cool about this race that caught my eye is that they give awards for a "Clydesdale" division.  These are two men's divisions based on weight.  One division is 185-199lbs and the other is 200lbs+ and they give awards for the top 5 finishers in each division.  This adds a different element to the race for me.  I've had a fast metabolism and been around 188-195lbs my whole life.  When I had my open heart surgery last November I initially lost a bunch of weight, but in the past year of recovery my average weight has been around 205lbs.  Even with all of the training mileage that I've been doing for the marathon I haven't been able to get below 203.  I haven't been able to figure out the increase in weight.  I suppose the meds have a little to do with it, but I often wonder if anything mysterious took place because of the massive blood transfusions I had to have after surgery.  The thought of having someone else's blood mixed in with your own is disturbing.  Biologically there is probably no basis for weight gain associated with blood transfusions, but it sure makes for interesting late night thoughts.

I'm looking for the "silver lining" in this.  Since I qualify to run in one of the "Clydesdale" categories, I could run with the rest of "el grandes" in this race and maybe get an award? :)

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