26 days to go to NYC Marathon

I haven't posted in a few days because I had a discouraging setback. I strained my left calf muscle last week and kept running on it and it got pretty painful. Friday it was swollen in a way that I was able to leave a deep fingerprint in the front of my shin like play-doh. It bugged me out because I've never experienced swelling like that and heard it can happen with heart failure. Its not the amount of swelling, but the type of swelling that alarmed me. I called my surgeon and he said to go to the emergency room to make sure it wasn't a blood clot in my leg. He said if it wasn't I could resume biking, but if it was we would have to deal with it. I read that the treatment for DVT (deep vain thrombosis)could involve surgery. I was miserable.

I was in the emergency room Friday night after work until 9pm getting examined. Fortunately everything turned out well and a sonogram showed that it was not a blood clot. The Dr, said in all likelihood it was torn fibers in the calve muscle. I don't know if I believe that because I've strained my calve before and had swelling, but not the type of swelling that would hold a fingerprint. It was gross. He said I should follow up with an orthopaedic.

I haven't run in almost a week and my training has suffered a big setback as a result. I'm in the office from dawn to dusk so I can't see an orthopaedic. This is not where I wanted to be 26 days out from the marathon. Oh well. I'm determined to run and finish, even if hell freezes over. I've actually been thinking about packing a waistpack with an ace bandage for compression on the run just in case I pull something during the race!

Today is the first day it feels better. Thanks to Nicole for the calf massages! The biking I've done over the past couple days is nothing like running. I feel like its a poor substitute and a waste of time so I'm going to take tonight off completely and see if I can run on it tomorrow. I'm debating now if I should do the 5k race on saturday. I guess I'll see how it feels. This sucks.

Ironically, I feel great cardiovascularly.

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