The Longest Test for the Ticker yet!

We ran 10 miles today, our longest yet.  Considering the length of the run I felt relatively good on all accounts.  Ironically any aches and pains have not been related to my heart surgery which I am grateful for.  I suppose if I had any heart related challenges ice might not solve the problem lol!  The only thing that bothered me on this run was my right hamstring which has been nagging me since I strained it last week.  This was a pretty brutal run.  I mapped this run ahead of time, but never ran it before.  The Laurel Hill Road climb was steep at about mile 6 and it hit us like a ton of bricks!  Nicole experienced a bout of "taurettes like" sarcasm three quarters of the way up the hill yelling at me "this was real smart"; as if I purposely put the hill there and created the run that way!  I ran ahead and when she got to the top I growled out one of my typical "get diesel" routines.  The hill on Fort Salonga Road shortly after that was not as steep, but it was long and drawn out, and the only way I made it without walking was fixating on her next to me.  I got yelled at for "crowding" her into the gutter but when she realized I was pacing off her she softened up.  I still can't believe how much of a machine she is.  She's won some local road races in her age group, but with more serious training she could win some major road races.  I don't think she realizes how talented she is, and often that can be a psychological limitation.  Pretty good for someone who simply started running for fitness with me 10 years ago.  I keep thinking about the length and time it is going to take to complete the NYC Marathon and I just ask god to be able to complete it.  My ass was wooped after this run.  I'll be sitting on a heating pad tomorrow :)


MrsNicoleCarey said...

You're the only person I know who maps a run that is mostly uphill ;).

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