Columbia Presbyterian Heart Surgeon Dr. Allan Stewart will Run the NYC Marathon with Patient on the 1 Year Anniversary of his Open Heart Surgery

Dr. Allan Stewart
Exciting news!  I've been harassing him for a couple months about joining me, and I finally got word tonight that my heart surgeon Dr. Allan Stewart has officially registered and will be running the NYC Marathon with me.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my open heart surgery than to be celebrating life and showcasing the heart that Dr. Stewart repaired to the world.  My wife is also running with me as well as our friend Sal Merlino.  We have family and friends coming in to NYC to watch and support us and everyone is excited about November 7!

After being diagnosed with an Aortic Aneurysm last year I went bananas doing research on hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic, University of Texas, Boston General, Mayo Clinic, -- you name it.  I researched all of these hospitals, interviewed over a dozen surgeons and various procedures.  By the time I was finished with my mission I could speak partially fluent "cardiac medical" jargon.  Because of my quest for the best I came within a month of dying because I postponed surgery so long to do research.  In the end I was fortunate to have not run out of time and have a dissection like John Ritter did.  I was lucky to have found Dr. Stewart.  In my opinion his trademark "valve sparing" technique made the most sense to me out of all the procedures I had read about and been told about by the various surgeons I met.  Dr. Stewart was brilliant, articulate, passionate, and had the rare human qualities that patients yearn for.  For someone as busy and sought after as he is, he never once made me feel like we were under time constraints no matter how many questions I asked.  I knew immediately that this confident young, savvy heart surgeon was going to operate on me.  Check out some of the links and videos on my site about him.  He's truly gifted, and a "larger than life" individual.

I've been feeling pretty good lately, and after my performance in the recent Cow Harbor 10k I may try and kick everyone's ass!  In that case Dr. Stewart and the crew won't be running alongside me, but i'll feel reassured that if I keel over he'll be close behind to fix me up :)



laurie hersh said...

We will be at the finish line to celebrate your achievement!!

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