A Bloody 12 Miles

Nicole and I did our long run for the week today, 12 miles.  I got a nosebleed at about mile 10 due to allergies and dry air.  It was not pleasant trying to stop it while running, but I was not about to stop with only a couple miles left.  It did finally stop and I was able to finish without looking like a blood spattered runner.  The run was tough, but Nicole was hurting more than me on this run which was a pleasant change :)  Normally she makes it look easy but she was really hurting on this one.  She wanted to quit halfway through and I wouldn't let her.  It was a role reversal from the 12 miler we did the previous Sunday where I was the one hobbling along with her encouragement.  I'm still wondering what it's going to feel like doing double that distance in November.  There's about 48 days left to the NYC Marathon!  Help us raise money for the American Heart Association by clicking on the green "Sponsor Me" link on the heartosaurus home page.


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