1 day until the Great Cow Harbor 10k Race; 44 days left to NYC Marathon!

I'm feeling good for Saturday's 10k race. I took today off from running to heal the legs a bit. Tomorrow I'll do an easy run to limber up, and of course the usual 15-18 mile marathon training run on Sunday. I'm not going all out on saturday. I'm going to treat it as a training run. I'm hoping to break an hour, and not let my wife beat me. My 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son are doing the 2k and are running with my brother and sister in law. We have parties, dinners, bonfire, and a great weekend planned around the Cow Harbor festival. My brother in laws are visiting with their wives and we always have a blast.
Funny; since public registration for the marathon is closed I contacted NYRR today to see if I could get a special entry for my surgeon so he could run with Nicole and I. He is an avid athlete and regularly competes in events with his patients. There is an article on my homepage about him completing a triathlon with Greg O'keefe, one of his patients. Anyway, I got a disturbing email back from one of the organizers questioning my health to be running the marathon a year after open heart surgery let alone extending an entry for my doctor to run with me. These people have to be kidding me! I hope they're just being concerned and cautious. I've trained too hard, and put too much into this to let anything stop me from running in NY on Nov. 7th. Hell will freeze over before I miss this race. As long as I get final clearances from my doctor next month during a checkup IT'S ON!!!!
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