Realizing the "Heart of the Matter"

We hit a 6.59 mile run today. It was overcast most of the day with sporadic showers. The moment Nicole and I stepped off the porch to run it started raining lightly. I kid you not that the rain got progressively harder until by mile 2 it was a torrential downpour. I was regretting not wearing a synthetic shirt because my sleeveless cotton tee weighed about 5 pounds and was sticking to me like cellophane. I think it dawned on me for the first time during this run how deconditioned I am cardiovascularly as compared to the past. It's one thing to be in bad shape, but it's a whole other thing to have been a top athlete, and now be crawling up a hill. I was dying, running up a long hill in mile six thinking to myself "wow, I guess when they cut my heart apart it really did effect my cardiovascular strength". I'm not naive; I knew my open heart surgery would effect my conditioning, but I had been able to sculpt some muscles pretty quickly when I returned to the gym and I suppose I just took for granted that when I returned seriously to running that it would be the same way. Wrong. Today I realized that all of that cutting into the heart muscle and time off from exercise had directly affected my cardiovascular capacity. Nicole kicked my ass up the last hill. I have some serious work ahead.


laurie hersh said...

moral here??? Walk before you run!!!

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